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July 20, 2016
Subject | Active management | Invesco

Whether you’re building infrastructure such as roads and buildings, looking to grow a business, or even beginning a new fitness campaign, like most things in life, long-term planning requires establishing a strong foundation or base. Investing for the long haul or planning for retirement is no different. Investors need to build from a strong foundation, … Continued

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Embracing the fintech revolution

July 7, 2016
Subject | Industry views | Invesco

While the financial services industry is often viewed from the outside as staid and unchanging, the truth of the matter is that a sea change is underway, radically transforming the industry. In many ways, this is good news. Enhanced transparency and a choice of service models can only benefit Canadians. But these changes need to … Continued

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The post-Brexit search for quality growth

June 28, 2016
Subject | Active management | Invesco | Macro views

While the news of the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union may have taken many investors off guard, we were prepared to take action in the surprise event of a Brexit vote. In the run-up to the vote, we diligently reviewed our existing holdings and potential investment candidates – not just in the U.K. … Continued

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Shots of Ports

Brexit sell-off creates entry point

June 27, 2016
Subject | Active management | Macro views | Trimark

In the lead-up to the referendum on the U.K.’s continued membership in the European Union, certain British bookmakers were offering four-to-one odds on bets the U.K. would opt to exit, meaning they anticipated a mere 20% probability of a leave win. At the same time, both sides were running neck and neck in the polls, … Continued

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London with Paternoster Square from St Paul's Cathedral, UK

Beyond Brexit: National politics and global growth

The U.K. has voted to leave the European Union (EU) by a majority of 51.9% to 48.1%, and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has tendered his resignation on the back of the result. Voter turnout was very high at around 72%. While a high turnout was expected to benefit the “remain” camp, the reality appears … Continued

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