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The election ends with a Trump victory: Now the real work starts

November 9, 2016
Subject | Institutional | Invesco | Macro views

One of the most tumultuous and unprecedented presidential election campaigns in U.S. history is now over, with Donald Trump ultimately emerging as the winner and Republicans retaining their control over both the Senate and the House of Representatives. But while we know who won, we don’t yet know what policy changes will come to fruition once the hyperbole of the campaign trail gives way to the reality of governing.


Taking a high-conviction approach to volatile markets

January 16, 2016
Subject | Active management | Invesco

Investors around the world are watching as global stocks continue their slide into the New Year. In the U.S., the S&P 500 Index and the Nasdaq Composite Index entered correction territory (a fall of at least 10% from a recent peak), and when the markets closed on January 13, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was extremely close to joining them, down 9.9% from its recent high in November.1 Stocks in Europe and Asia responded with further losses as markets opened January 14.


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