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Embedded commissions: Where do we go from here?

November 28, 2017
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As you know, Invesco has been a vocal advocate of preserving choice in the market, allowing advisors and their clients to choose the business model that best suits their needs. I was recently asked to speak at the 2017 Advocis Symposium in Toronto. The title of the event was “Inflection Point” and I believe the industry is at just such a moment. I sat down with Greg Pollock, President and CEO, Advocis to discuss the future of embedded compensation.


Looking beyond the active-passive debate

Recently, one of Invesco’s funds – Trimark International Companies Fund – was singled out for praise as an example that true active management can outperform. While the kudos were well-deserved for the team, it appeared as part of a commentary that was otherwise unsympathetic to active management.


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