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Disruption abounds, but will it matter to the markets?

Global Market Strategist, Invesco Ltd.
January 23, 2018

Subject | Invesco | Macro views

For the past year, I’ve been talking about disruption as a key theme for the markets and economy. During the past week – with the shutdown of the U.S. government, continued efforts to form a coalition in Germany, and an Olympic agreement coming out of the Korean peninsula – it’s become clear that the theme of disruption remains front and center. Particularly geopolitical disruption.


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BoC hikes again, citing near-capacity growth

Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of North America Rates, Invesco Fixed Income†
January 17, 2018

Subject | Invesco | Invesco Fixed Income (IFI) | Macro views

The Bank of Canada (BoC) announced today it was raising the target overnight rate by 0.25% to 1.25%. The last time the BoC hiked its target rate was at the September 6 meeting. Market expectations for this rate hike began to increase several weeks ago, so it was almost fully priced into the market.


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Tax reform: A year-end bonus for fixed income?

Senior Portfolio Manager, Invesco Fixed Income
January 11, 2018

Subject | Active management | Invesco | Invesco Fixed Income (IFI)

Despite the near non-stop drama of the legislative process, we ended December with the U.S. Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 being signed into law. What does this mean for fixed income investors? In my opinion, the news is overwhelmingly positive for the U.S. investment grade market; here are four reasons why.


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