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Interest rate outlook: Bank of Canada to pause

After raising the target overnight rate 0.25 percentage points at each of the previous two meetings, the Bank of Canada (BoC) kept the rate unchanged at its meeting on October 25, 2017. While growth has remained strong, it has slowed from the second quarter and the BoC appears ready to give its two previous rate hikes time to filter through the economy before taking further action. Additional uncertainty around the breakdown in North American Free Trade Agreement trade negotiations leaves the BoC cautious regarding future hikes. The Canadian 10-year yield appears to have peaked for the moment and yields have several reasons to fall from current levels, in our view.


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Six things to expect from this international fund

November 9, 2017
Subject | Active management | Trimark

Generally speaking, many of today’s global mutual funds are heavy on U.S. equities, specifically large-cap, blue-chip companies. It is very difficult to outperform passive products with this approach, especially given the low-fee options currently available. Trimark International Companies Fund is different, in this regard and many others.


Discipline in action: Two companies we like and why

November 7, 2017
Subject | Active management | Trimark

I think it’s important for advisors and investors to truly understand a portfolio manager’s approach, and the best way to do that is to see the discipline in action. In my last blog post, Why EM? Why now? I presented my case for emerging markets and reviewed my approach to investing in these regions. Today, I will discuss two companies we’re invested in, why they made the cut and how they have performed for our investors.


An optimistic outlook for European stocks

November 6, 2017
Subject | Active management | Invesco | Macro views

Viewed through our Earnings, Quality and Valuation (EQV) lens, the Invesco International and Global Growth team remains optimistic on European equities given the region’s strong fundamentals. Since the second quarter, this trend has been consistent, and although some key metrics (such as retail sales) fell in both July and August, consumer confidence reached its highest level since April 2001, and the European Commission’s Economic Sentiment Indicator is now at its highest level since July 2007.1 This implies that gross domestic product growth in Europe could accelerate toward 3% in the near future.


Say goodbye to closet indexers

November 1, 2017
Subject | Active management | Institutional | Trimark

I’m writing here in response to questions I’ve received from advisors and to piggyback on comments I’ve made at our recent due diligence events. First, I’m going to dispense with the strict “active vs. passive” construct of the current debate. I’ll make my case for the value of true active management and introduce you to the elements of a portfolio that I believe make it truly active. I’m going to cover a lot of ground here, but I’ll do my best to keep it concise.


Why EM? Why now?

October 19, 2017
Subject | Active management | Trimark

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I believe investing in emerging markets (EM) is best done using a truly active approach. Performance numbers tell one part of story – I’ll cover the numbers a little later in this post – but other elements of the “why active in EM” story are: managing risk, long-term growth potential, and understanding complex and unfamiliar local markets.