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Marty Flanagan | December 6, 2017

2018 Investment Outlook: We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their investment objectives

The surging markets of the past year have taken place against a backdrop of macro developments whose long-term impact on the world economy has yet to be realized: uncertainty regarding the U.K.’s withdrawal from the European Union, potential tax reform in the U.S., North Korea’s nuclear weapons testing, continued oil price volatility and the outcome of key elections in Germany, France, Iran and other countries.

With this as context, the year ahead promises to be interesting and challenging as well. In this dynamic environment, we have a strong view that clients are best served by portfolios that combine the advantages of active, passive and alternative capabilities.

At Invesco, we’ve built our firm over many years with a single focus: to help clients achieve their investment objectives in a variety of markets. We provide a comprehensive range of investment capabilities, delivered through a diverse set of investment vehicles. We draw on this comprehensive range of capabilities to provide customized solutions designed to deliver key outcomes aligned to client needs, which are our most important benchmark.

Our experienced investment teams are located in locations all over the globe, which we believe is a real strength of the firm. Maintaining a presence on the ground in key cities enables our investment teams to stay close to developments that impact the markets and the companies in which they invest.

An important part of achieving your investment objectives depends on keeping ahead of the dynamics that drive movements in the global markets. Working with our investment teams, we’ve developed this 2018 outlook to provide insights that can help you plan for the future and make decisions about your investments.

We hope you find this information helpful. As always, we remain focused on helping clients achieve their investment objectives – wherever the markets take us.

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