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Why Canadian headline noise doesn’t faze me

March 27, 2019
Subject | Invesco | Macro views

There’s been a lot of negative news headlines about the Canadian economy lately, ranging from consumer indebtedness, poor productivity growth and subscale innovation hubs. All of this doesn’t paint a rosy picture for investors.


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Actively taking advantage of volatility

October 16, 2015
Subject | Active management

I don’t focus on short-term price movements of our funds versus our peers, the TSX, or our formal benchmark, but the stock volatility of the last few months has been exceptional. It’s understandable for unitholders and advisors to be interested in how the funds have been positioned and managed over this period. I believe that our activity over the last few months sets us up nicely for outperformance in the future. Let me tell you why.


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Ford: A laggard no more?

May 6, 2013
Subject | Active management

I often get looks of surprise when I comment on Ford Motor Co.* as an attractive investment, so I thought it might be worthwhile to explain my view.  I’ll lay out the most common issues many would-be investors have with Ford and then address each.