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Can you reduce risk without raising your bond allocation?

September 24, 2019
Subject | Macro views

Many investors may be facing a catch-22 situation in their portfolios. Recent strong returns in the global bond market may have pushed their fixed income weighting beyond their strategic allocation. But the return of equity market volatility may leave them wary of re-allocating their bond gains into stocks.


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ETF trading: Keep an eye on volatility

February 1, 2018
Subject | ETFs | Smart beta

Our goal on the PowerShares ETF Capital Markets trading desk is to help our clients experience smooth and efficient ETF trades. In this blog series, I’m highlighting some of the most common guidance we provide. Today, I’m going to look at volatility – how it can distort the bid-ask spread, what to look for and how to get help.


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ETF trading: Get the right price

January 8, 2018
Subject | ETFs | Smart beta

It’s often said that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) “trade just like a stock”, but there are a few differences that can make buying and selling ETFs a little tricky, even for experienced investors. Here at Invesco, our PowerShares ETF Capital Markets help desk fields daily questions from advisors and institutional investors about how to trade ETFs more efficiently. I’ve compiled a few of the most common suggestions from those calls into a series of four blog posts.


Volume does NOT equal liquidity. Here’s why

October 6, 2017
Subject | ETFs | Smart beta

Despite explosive growth in the use of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the last decade, a few persistent myths about them remain. On our ETF capital markets desk, for example, we often hear from advisors with liquidity concerns. The idea that volume equals liquidity persists among many investors, and advisors get a lot of questions about this from their clients. Let’s dispel this myth by looking a little deeper at the role of the market maker in ETF trading.