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Invesco Global Bond Fund: The first three years

July 9, 2019
Subject | Active management | Invesco

Invesco Global Bond Fund crossed its three-anniversary with strong returns, finishing in the top quartile of its peer group.1 The management team navigated choppy waters with a changing mix of assets to capture upside in good times while providing protection in more challenging periods. The use of corporate credit, mortgage back securities and emerging markets helped to generate returns in calm markets, while a significant allocation to global government bonds helped to provide ballast during times of volatility.


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‘Tis the season for tax-loss selling

December 5, 2018
Subject | ETFs | Invesco | Tax & Estate

As the year-end approaches, many investors with taxable accounts may be seeking to dispose of securities that have lost money. The strategy of tax-loss selling allows the investor to claim a capital loss, which offsets capital gains for the current year. Any unused net capital losses can then be applied against taxable capital gains in any of the three preceding years, or carried forward indefinitely to future years. To realize capital gains and losses in 2018, trades must be executed by Thursday, December 27 to ensure settlement by Monday, December 31, the last business day of 2018.


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Want to build smart cities? Then we need a new infrastructure financing model

November 30, 2018
Subject | Industry views | Institutional | Invesco | Macro views

What comes to mind when you hear the term “smart city”? It might be a clean and safe space where people and places are connected by digital technology. Or a place where self-driving cars take us around and pollution is a thing of the past. We all have a vision of what a smart city should be – but for most of us what we imagine is far removed from the cities we actually inhabit, with clogged roads, smoggy days, and outdated infrastructure.


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Choice, transparency serve best interests of all

October 3, 2018
Subject | Industry views | Invesco

Our stance on embedded compensation has been well documented over the years. At Invesco, we’ve championed investor choice in the debate over mutual fund and dealer fee structures. We believe this is important because not all investors are the same – not all investors need, want or benefit from the same fee structures.


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CSA update

June 26, 2018
Subject | Industry views | Invesco

After years of debate, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have announced new policies on advisor compensation and have proposed important changes on how registered firms and individuals deal with their clients. A proposed rule amendment on advisor compensation will be published for comment in September. I’d like to address each of these.


Managing interest rate concerns

March 16, 2018
Subject | Smart beta

February’s increased volatility impacted both equities and fixed income, reminding all investors of the havoc that shifting interest rates can have on their portfolios. The correction occurred as U.S. bond yields headed higher, signaling a sell-off in the debt markets while also making equities less appealing.


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Embedded commissions: Where do we go from here?

November 28, 2017
Subject | Industry views | Invesco | Video

As you know, Invesco has been a vocal advocate of preserving choice in the market, allowing advisors and their clients to choose the business model that best suits their needs. I was recently asked to speak at the 2017 Advocis Symposium in Toronto. The title of the event was “Inflection Point” and I believe the industry is at just such a moment. I sat down with Greg Pollock, President and CEO, Advocis to discuss the future of embedded compensation.


Supplementing bonds with quality dividends

November 24, 2017
Subject | ETFs

For income investors, the recent uptick in short-term interest rates served as a reminder that their bond portfolios remain vulnerable to risk. Rising interest rates tend to erode the value of a bond portfolio, leaving investors vulnerable to declines in portion of their portfolio which is supposed to be relatively safe.


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Canadian small business tax reform, the road until now

October 27, 2017
Subject | Tax & Estate

On July 18, 2017, the Department of Finance Canada released a consultation paper and draft legislation on the use of various tax-planning strategies through private corporations (otherwise referred to as Canadian small businesses). During the consultation period, which ended on October 2, 2017, the public was given the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes. The Government received an astounding 21,000 submissions during this period. Further changes to the proposals were announced in October 2017 (see below) through to the Fall Economic Statement released on October 24, 2017. Below is an updated summary of the proposals.


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Looking beyond the active-passive debate

Recently, one of Invesco’s funds – Trimark International Companies Fund – was singled out for praise as an example that true active management can outperform. While the kudos were well-deserved for the team, it appeared as part of a commentary that was otherwise unsympathetic to active management.


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