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Why I don’t make macro calls

April 21, 2017
Subject | Active management

We’re frequently asked for our thoughts on the market or for an outlook. I can make some general statements, but do not make investments based on macro calls and I feel it’s potentially dangerous to apply any broad market statements to everything out there.


Price is what you pay, value is what you get

April 1, 2016
Subject | Active management | Institutional

At the end of 2015, the market was trading close to full valuation making it difficult for us to find new investment opportunities at attractive prices. The steep sell-off in early 2016, however, has provided us with opportunities to capitalize on the downturn.


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5 ways our portfolio differs from most global funds

June 11, 2015
Subject | Active management

September will mark my 14-year anniversary on Trimark Global Endeavour Fund. It’s a big part of my life and I am always happy to talk about the many ways the portfolio Erin Greenfield and I manage is different from other global funds on the market – and, more importantly, why the differences matter.


Morningstar interview: My Darwinist approach to investing

July 5, 2013
Subject | Active management

Portfolio turnover in the Trimark  funds I manage tends to be very low. Why? We focus on a select group of companies that dominate their respective industries. And then we wait patiently for an attractive price and give them a strong weighting in the portfolio.


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