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Three themes we’re watching in 2019, and their implications for institutional investors

As we look toward the opportunities and challenges to come in 2019, our base case is positive, with the expectation that global economic growth is likely to decelerate modestly, yet remain solid. We expect major economies to slow from above-trend growth toward on-trend growth, which should contain inflation, as major central banks normalize policy.


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Global economy: Three themes to watch in 2019

Key takeaways

  • We believe economic growth divergence is likely to continue to some extent.
  • Geopolitical disruption is leading to structural fragmentation.
  • The debt problem is widespread and is becoming more burdensome as rates rise.

As we look out to 2019, we believe there are three key themes that will persist into the new year.


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US national debt, treasury secretary

The U.S. midterm results are in, but what do they mean for markets?

November 7, 2018
Subject | Invesco | Macro views

Going into yesterday’s U.S. midterm elections, our base case scenario was that Democrats would take the House while Republicans would retain the Senate. That has come to fruition, and has had an initially supportive effect on markets, with U.S. stocks and bonds supported and the dollar weaker. This U.S. market response has in effect eased global financial conditions, supporting other currencies and financial markets in general, including emerging markets.


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