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The market missed what Shell – and Trimark – saw

April 10, 2015
Subject | Active management | Commodities

Royal Dutch Shell PLC has offered to buy BG Group PLC for roughly US$70 billion, an offer that represents a 50% premium to the previous day’s closing price. Prior to the premium, the weight of BG Group in Trimark Resources Fund was approximately 3% and in Trimark Energy Class it was approximately 2%, so this is a significant win for both funds considering the premium being offered to date.


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OPEC decision brings buying opportunities

December 18, 2014
Subject | Active management | Commodities | Macro views

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) caused commotion in markets last month when it announced its decision to maintain oil production targets despite decreased demand. I believe the decision not to cut oil production is the right call in the longer term.


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Zambia: On the ground research

April 4, 2014
Subject | Active management | Commodities

About 3,000 kilometres north of Cape Town sits Lusaka, Zambia, home to numerous copper and heavy metal mines as well as other resource-development projects. I headed there to see first-hand the status of a new open pit mine that one of the companies we hold is excavating. Like South Africa, Zambia is a country that, while blessed with substantial investment opportunities, is also rife with barriers to investing. To complicate matters, there are many widely held misconceptions about both the investment opportunities and risks present there.


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Is South Africa a “gold mine”?

March 27, 2014
Subject | Active management | Commodities

While it would be nice if the next deposits of copper, oil and gas were to crop up closer to home, the reality is many prolific resource zones are found offshore in places where  political and social unrest are commonplace. Some investment opportunities in Africa are a prime example of this, but it’s also a vast continent full of massive deposits, tremendous investment opportunities and well-run companies.


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Why gold stocks are on the rocks

I recently sat down with Morningstar Canada for an extended interview about the ongoing volatility in gold stocks. There are a number of reasons for the heavy sell-off in gold, but whatever the reasons, it’s clear to me that retail investors are seriously questioning the value of gold as a traditional safe-haven investment.


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On the road – Africa: Assessing political risk

There is political risk that comes into play when making investing decisions in Africa. If I’m looking a company with assets in, let’s say, Mozambique or Ghana, compared to a mining company doing business in Ontario or British Columbia, the political considerations are very different.


On the road – Africa: In search of gems

March 28, 2012
Subject | Active management | Commodities

In February, I spent some time in Capetown, South Africa for the annual Investing in African Mining Conference. Unlike many mining conferences, this event is more industry-focused than investor-focused. The participants ranged from suppliers and geologists to executives and engineering companies. And there were investors like me.